Dr. Eric Garshick, MD

Associate Chief - Pulmonary (VA); Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

I am trained in internal and pulmonary medicine, and my area of research expertise is the study of pulmonary diseases in patients with chronic SCI. As a result of my clinical responsibilities at VA Boston caring for SCI patients, I began to study the epidemiology of pulmonary disease in SCI in the early 1990's. Using VA research funding, I began a longitudinal study assessing lung function, respiratory illness, and symptoms in 550 subjects with chronic SCI. 

I was funded by the NIH to continue this study and have begun to study relationships between systemic inflammation with pulmonary function, and determinants of mortality in chronic SCI using VA finding. Together with Dr. Leslie Morse, we are studying bone loss in chronic SCI and studying the effects of functional electrical stimulation rowing in paraplegics on bone density. I am directing a modular pulmonary research project as part of the Spaulding-Harvard SCI Model System entitled “Importance of Regular Exercise and Activity in Improving Life Satisfaction and Reducing Breathlessness”. In this project, we will study the how regular exercise may help persons with SCI feel better about their breathing and overall satisfaction with life.


Recent Publications:

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