Dr. Kevin O'Connor, MD

Director of Clinical Care, Spaulding-Harvard SCIMS

Dr. O'Connor's work has focused on the clinical care of individuals following spinal cord injury. He is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as subspecialty certified in Spinal Cord Injury Medicine.  Since 2002, he has been the Medical Director of the Spinal Cord Injury program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and have helped advance the program through clinical care, advocacy, and education.  

Dr. O'Connor has published cutting edge research in electromyography, burn rehabilitation, and human immunodeficiency deficiency rehabilitation. However, a large portion of his publications have have been related to spinal cord injury (SCI). In this field, he has had articles published on topics ranging from acute to chronic issues. In acute SCI topics, he has published on several topics, including predictors of dysphagia, deep vein thrombosis detection and treatment, spasticity, and predicting neurologic recovery in tetraplegia. In chronic SCI, he has published on bowel care practices, non-invasive ventilation, and chronic pain. In addition to articles, Dr. O'Connor has published chapters on immobilization, pressure ulcers, and spinal and upper extremity orthotics.

Research Interests Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation, predictors of dysphagia, spasticity, orthotics, chronic pain, and ventilation.

Recent Publications:

Kirshblum SC, House JG, O'connor KC. Silent autonomic dysreflexia during a routine bowel program in persons with traumatic spinal cord injury: a preliminary study. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2002 Dec;83(12):1774-6. PubMed PMID: 12474185.

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